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Gardening Australia ep.16 2016

Jerry visits an orchid show; Costa constructs a wicking bed; Sophie explores Beaumont House gardens; and Tino shows how to nurture citrus over winter in cold climates.

Cold Climate Citrus
Tino shows how to nurture citrus plants over winter in cold climates
Orchids on Show
Jerry visits the Eastern District Orchid Society's 50th anniversary show to find out what makes a winning bloom
Winter's Joy Tree
Jerry profiles a gorgeous small tree
To Hell with Harlequins
Jane shows how to deal with a particularly pesky plant pest
Step by Step
Costa helps construct a wicking bed food garden on the front steps of Sydney TAFE
Planting Under Eucalypts
John profiles a couple of native plants that thrive under eucalypts
FAQs - Mixing Concentrates | Fertilising Bulbs | Garden Mushrooms
Josh shows a nifty tip for mixing liquid fertiliser, explains how often to fertile potted bulbs and Tino talks mushrooms in the garden
Oasis in Suburbia
Sophie explores the beautiful National Trust property of Beaumont House, near Adelaide, where they have created a historically accurate 19th Century garden

Gardening Australia ep.16 2016
Gardening Australia ep.16 2016