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Gardening Australia ep.7 2016

Jerry explores a tropical cottage garden; Tino prunes berries for a bumper crop; John visits a refurbished fern gully garden; and Sophie creates succulent spheres.

Gardening Australia ep.7 2016
Gardening Australia ep.7 2016

1. Succulent Spheres
Sophie gets creative and makes sculptural succulent spheres
2. Pruning Berries
Tino shows how to prune berries and currants to ensure a bumper crop next season
3. Colouring Hydrangeas
Jane explains how to make your hydrangeas blue or pink
4. A Subtropical Treasure
Jerry travels to Buderim in Queensland to explore a classic cottage garden containing a number of unusual plants
5. FAQ's - Pruning Ornamental Grasses | Bananas in Melbourne | Coriander Bolting
Josh tells us how to prune ornamental native grasses, Jane tells us how to grow bananas in Melbourne and Tino explains how to stop coriander from bolting
6. Fern Fever
John visits the refurbished Fern Gully at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, and meets the landscape architect behind the project

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