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Gardeners' World ep.6 2017

Monty brings you a full hour of gardening for the Easter weekend. From sowing summer vegetables and soft fruit planting to propagating and pruning, as well as jobs to tackle over the long weekend, there is plenty of inspiration.If your gardening plans only extend to tidying up the lawn, Nick Bailey gets to grips with an unpromising patch of grass and gives his tips on how achieve a luscious lawn. We return to Adam Frost's garden as he starts to transform a herbaceous border and gives his advice on how to rid borders of bindweed. And we meet Roger Butler, who grows over one hundred varieties of hydrangea at his nursery in Kent.

Carol continues her series on her gardening heroes when she visits Waterperry Gardens to find out about the legacy of Beatrix Havergal, Frances Tophill selects her golden jubilee plant, and Flo Headlam visits a garden centre in Manchester which is run by the local community.

1. Lawns: spring and summer care
At this time of year, the lawn is actively growing and requires feeding, moss-killing, weeding and regular mowing. Spring is also a suitable time to over-seed sparse areas.
2. Hydrangea
Hydrangeas are popular garden shrubs with delicate heads of flowers in shades of pink, white or blue and pretty autumn colour and leaf shape. The mophead and lace-cap hydrangeas are most well-known for their ability to change colour in different soils.
3. Grow Your Own: Courgettes
Courgettes are so easy to grow – and you get so many courgettes from each plant – expect three or four a week if you grow your own!
Courgette plants do like to spread out (about a square metre/yard each) but you can always plant them in big pots or growing bags if you’re short of space.

Gardeners' World ep.6 2017
Gardeners' World ep.6 2017

Gardening Australia ep.7 2016

Jerry explores a tropical cottage garden; Tino prunes berries for a bumper crop; John visits a refurbished fern gully garden; and Sophie creates succulent spheres.

Gardening Australia ep.7 2016
Gardening Australia ep.7 2016

1. Succulent Spheres
Sophie gets creative and makes sculptural succulent spheres
2. Pruning Berries
Tino shows how to prune berries and currants to ensure a bumper crop next season
3. Colouring Hydrangeas
Jane explains how to make your hydrangeas blue or pink
4. A Subtropical Treasure
Jerry travels to Buderim in Queensland to explore a classic cottage garden containing a number of unusual plants
5. FAQ's - Pruning Ornamental Grasses | Bananas in Melbourne | Coriander Bolting
Josh tells us how to prune ornamental native grasses, Jane tells us how to grow bananas in Melbourne and Tino explains how to stop coriander from bolting
6. Fern Fever
John visits the refurbished Fern Gully at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne, and meets the landscape architect behind the project

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