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Gardening Australia ep.30 2017

  Jane visits Australia's newest plant quarantine facility; Costa builds a home for his worms; Millie plants up her side garden; and we meet a couple who have dedicated their lives to Australia's native plants.
Gardening Australia ep.30 2017
Gardening Australia ep.30 2017

Gardeners' World ep.26 2017

It is the autumn equinox and, along with celebrating the season's apple bounty, Monty Don is planning for Christmas, planting bulbs to brighten dark winter days. He also gives advice on planting garlic for next year.

Carol Klein celebrates the sedum, one of the autumn garden's highlights, Adam Frost gives us an update on the development of his Lincolnshire garden, and we travel to Gloucestershire to visit a garden which is a haven for moths and butterflies.

We also catch up with Alan Power, who guides us through the summer work at Stourhead, and Shaish Alam winds up his growing season with a bumper harvest.

Gardeners' World ep.26 2017
Gardeners' World ep.26 2017

The Beechgrove Garden ep.23 2017

It is hedge-clipping time at Beechgrove and Jim, Carole and George trim their way around the garden. Chris finishes the planting in the heather garden to help create the windswept, top-of-the-mountain look, adding a range of tough grasses and ferns. From prodigious parsnips to dinner plate-sized dahlias, Jim visits the showers and growers at the Dundee Flower and Food Festival. Earlier this year, the Beechgrove team visited some of the entrants to the show to see how preparations were going. Jim catches up with them again at the show to see if their labours have borne fruit.

The Beechgrove Garden ep.23 2017
The Beechgrove Garden ep.23 2017

Gardening Australia ep.29 2017

Josh shows us a tool to help gardeners identify pests; Sophie visits a couple who have thousands of roses in their beautiful collection; and Jane explores the world of native bonsai and shows you how to create one at home.

1. Excess Produce - Lemon Slices
Too many lemons? There’s no such thing!
2. Riot of Roses
Sophie visits a couple in the Barossa Valley who have thousands of roses in their beautiful collection
3. Taking Cues
Jerry talks about being alert to garden timing
4. Starting Out
Jane gets expert tips on creating native bonsai at home
5. Friends or Foes
Josh learns about an exciting and modern tool to help identify insect visitors, beneficial or not, in home gardens
6. Miniature Marvels
Jane explores the fascinating new world of native Australian bonsai
7. Protecting Maples
Tino shows us how to protect maples from aphids
8. FAQs - Moving trees | Camellia buds dropping | Coriander
The Gardening Australia presenters answer commonly asked gardening questions.

Gardening Australia ep.29 2017
Gardening Australia ep.29 2017

Gardeners' World ep.25 2017

Monty's thoughts turn to spring as he gives his recommendations for bulbs to plant now that will thrive in pots and bring much-needed colour next year. Monty also shows how to prune summer fruiting raspberries.

Frances Tophill travels to Norfolk to visit a gardener who, at 97, still gardens every day, Adam Frost takes a look at a new garden at RHS Wisley which has been planted up with tropical plants and Carol Klein is in Buckinghamshire helping a viewer who is struggling to find plants that will thrive in heavy clay soil.

Alan Power guides us through seasonal spring highlights at Stourhead, and we visit a tiny garden in Essex which is packed with plants, ponds and seating areas.

Gardeners' World ep.24 2017
Gardeners' World ep.24 2017

The Beechgrove Garden ep.22 2017

 The whole Beechgrove team are on the road again, this time to the Fife county town of Cupar. Renowned for its award-winning floral displays, the Cupar in Bloom team have invited Beechgrove to come and take a look at their efforts, as well as hosting a Beechgrove Gardeners' Question Time in the Corn Exchange. Jim, Carole, George and Brian attempt to answer as many Cupar gardening questions as possible. The team also visit some of Cupar's outstanding gardens and tee off with a visit to Elmwood Golf Course.

The Beechgrove Garden ep.22 2017
The Beechgrove Garden ep.22 2017

Gardening Australia ep.28 2017

Jerry visits a formal native garden in Toowoomba; Costa and Sophie are at a community garden in Darwin; guest presenter Carolyn explains the importance of plants in design, and Josh helps Millie with a project in her garden.

1. A Helping Hand
Josh lends Millie a hand to build a frame for climbing plants that will create a beautiful small-garden screen
2. Winning Natives
Jerry explores a magnificent garden in Toowoomba that combines formality and Australian natives to create an award-winning sensation
3. Designing with Plants
Guest presenter Carolyn Blackman visits a spectacular nursery and gives us her top tips for planting design
4. Perfect Drainage
Jerry picks up a great tip on achieving perfect drainage for plants in any garden
5. The Mulch Pit
Costa takes Sophie to visit one of his favourite gardens, a community project in Darwin that grows food, skills and friendships
6. FAQs - Growing Bamboo | Liver under Passionfruit | Teasing Out Roots
The Gardening Australia presenters answer commonly asked gardening questions

Gardening Australia ep.28 2017
Gardening Australia ep.28 2017

Gardeners' World ep.24 2017

At Longmeadow, Monty shows us how to harvest and store potatoes. He also adds late summer colour to the cottage garden and prunes shrub roses.

Carol Klein travels to Norfolk to meet Adrian Bloom, a member of a horticultural dynasty that has had a big influence on our gardens for the last 50 years. Adam Frost takes a close look at the design of an outstanding small garden in Abingdon, and Frances Tophill is in Scotland meeting a man who is passionate about potatoes.

Joe Swift and Flo Headlam pay a visit to Potterne in Wiltshire to check on the progress of the community garden, and renowned plantswoman Helen Dillon joins Monty at Longmeadow.

Gardeners' World ep.24 2017
Gardeners' World ep.24 2017

The Beechgrove Garden ep.21 2017

 Jim takes a final tally and taste-test of tomatoes in the greenhouse. Carole is in Ardersier for Vegetable Garden on a Budget. Carole catches up with Mari Reid for harvest and a picnic on the beach, and to hear how much three families have saved and gained by growing their own.

 Tourists and townspeople often stop to admire the front garden of James Findlay in Carluke. Jim joins the crowd and James explains how he took over his neighbour's garden to increase the kerb appeal in Carluke.
The Beechgrove Garden ep.21 2017
The Beechgrove Garden ep.21 2017

Alan Titchmarsh's Garden Secrets (4 parts)

Alan Titchmarsh presents a stunning series that reveals the amazing secrets behind Britain's great gardens, examining how they continue to influence gardeners, including himself, today.

Part 1: 
17th Century, In the first episode, Alan visits Hatfield House in Hertfordshire to look at the key design features of the gardens of this 17th-century stately home. This was a time when horticulture and architecture worked seamlessly together and Hatfield reflects this new love of the aesthetic. Alan examines the famous parterres which are some of the first examples of Britain's affection for formal gardening, and shows how the parterre has been brought into the 21st century by designer Tom Stuart-Smith with his designs at Broughton Grange in Oxfordshire. Alan also looks at the use of perspective, which at Hatfield makes the driveways seem bigger and changes how the garden is seen from different points of view. He look at a French import, espaliers, that have been used to stunning effect in Hatfield and show how these have changed the way we contort trees in our garden, including his own tip on stepover apple trees. Plus, he reveals how our affection for topiary began in gardens such as this where they were originally seen as architectural forms, complementing the design of the house. Alan shows in his own garden that you don't need to plant hedges to achieve this, creating a portable sedum cube.

Part 2: 
18th Century Few gardening movements can match the impact of the 18th-century landscape movement, and Stowe in Buckinghamshire is one of the most important examples of their revolutionary designs. Here we find a rejection of the rigid formality of the previous century and an embracing of nature, no matter what the ecological cost. Alan demonstrates how they 'borrowed' views, manipulating the landscape to draw the eye to certain features. Creating a focal point is now a staple of modern garden design and Alan shows how it can accentuate a garden's best bits and also be used to hide things. Designers such as Bridgeman at Stowe were the first to sculpt huge areas of lawn, and Alan meets Kim Wilkie who is creating his own modern version of this type of lawn at Boughton Park. And Alan shows how the landscape movement pioneered the meandering path and placed statues and buildings in key places, aging them deliberately to fit with the landscape. Alan shares his own tips on aging, and how to recreate this type of 'set dressing' in a garden.

Part 3: 
19th Century The Victorians gave us a taste for exotic plants from around the world, a thirst for technology in the garden and a love of bold statements. Biddulph Grange, in Staffordshire, is a classic example of all these elements. The Victorians were transforming the garden from the natural landscapes of the 18th century to a new manufactured style. Alan comments how Biddulph is 'a world in one garden' made up of separate highly stylized designs inspired by China, Italy, Egypt and Scotland. These gardens are a setting for plant life from around the world and Alan explains how the Victorians were passionate plant hunters, particularly for orchids. He also shows us how to plant and care for exotics in our own garden. The Victorians also invented ways to transport and care for these rare plants. Alan demonstrates how they revolutionized growing under glass, building some of the biggest glasshouses in the world. There was also a passion for elaborate and gaudy display at this time with the creation of the carpet bed - a true symbol of Victorian knowledge and power. Alan shows us how to create one that will complement our own modern garden. A passion for technology was also transforming the kitchen garden and the Victorians established practices for produce growing that survive today. Alan reveals the key things to remember when growing vegetables.

Part 4: 
20th Century Alan reveals how Sissinghurst gardens in Kent is one of the most influential of the 20th century. Created by two passionate gardeners, Vita Sackville-West and her husband, Sir Harold Nicholson, its development coincided with key social changes in the British garden. There was a pre- and post-war boom in surburban housing, creating a generation of domestic gardeners. Despite its size, Sissinghurst appealed to the public because it was a warm and intimate garden and had been designed with a great many practical uses. Alan reveals that it was one of the first lifestyle gardens, made up of different 'rooms' designed for eating, relaxing and entertaining. Ideas that would lead to today's barbecue areas and daybed chillout zones in the garden began here. Alan shows his own take on the garden room, designing an outdoor dining table filled with herb and fruit plants. Vita Sackville West was also hugely influential in her use of colour. She used many colours to create a single hue and Alan reveals the myriad of colours in her famous purple border. She was also the first to create an all white garden. Sissinghurst is also famous for its naturalistic planting and Alan discusses how it works with head gardener Alexis Data. He also shows us how to create a wild flower meadow. And finally we learn that one part of Sissinghurst, the nuttery, would become famous as one of the first wild gardens. This new philosopohy would ultimately lead to todays perma culture gardens. Alan shows you how to create one in your own garden.

Alan Titchmarsh's Garden Secrets
Alan Titchmarsh's Garden Secrets

Gardening Australia ep.27 2017

Costa explores the power of the flower; Jane discovers a collector's garden; Sophie explores a garden bursting with spring bulbs; Tino gets stuck into spring sowing and we find out what to do in the garden this weekend.

1. Sowing for Spring
Tino springs into action in The Patch, explaining his secret to summer crop success including Australia's favourite, the tomato!
2. What to Do this Weekend
Our presenters reveal their must-do tasks in their own garden this weekend
3. Propagating Succulents
Jane is visiting a succulent collector who demonstrates how easy it is to propagate these hardy plants
4. A Quirky Collection
Jane explores a collector’s garden full of unusual, architectural beauties and gets his expert tips for growing them at home
5. Flower Power
Costa explores the stunning displays in The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, and discovers the power of the flower
6. A Spring Stunner
Sophie Thomson visits a true spring garden, bursting at the seams with colourful blossom and bulbs

Gardening Australia ep.27 2017
Gardening Australia ep.27 2017

Gardeners' World ep.23 2017

As the plants in the jewel garden reach the peak of their late summer glory, Monty starts planning for the spring, planting ferns and advising on the care and maintenance of wildlife ponds.

Carol Klein pays a second visit to Dove Cottage in Halifax to see the garden at its summer peak and to find out the secrets of its successful borders.
Frances Tophill travels to Portsmouth to find a man whose passion for ferns has extended from his garden and onto his allotment, while Arit Anderson finds out that rubbish skips can be used to grow all manner of plants in an inner-city space.

A Sheffield paramedic reveals how his passion for wildflowers has transformed an area around a busy ambulance station, and there is a look at the blooming of one of the world's largest water lilies.

Gardeners' World ep.23 2017
Gardeners' World ep.23 2017

The Beechgrove Garden ep.20 2017

They say that the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Well, this week in the Beechgrove Garden, Jim and Carole munch their way through the veg plot as they taste-test turnips, a new broad bean and some blight-resistant potatoes.

Chris takes a look at the new rose garden and has a new take on some age-old remedies for common rose problems. George visits the grand Drummond Castle Gardens near Crieff in Perthshire. The formal garden and parterre are among the oldest in Scotland and reputedly some of the finest in Europe.
The Beechgrove Garden ep.20 2017
The Beechgrove Garden ep.20 2017

Gardening Australia ep.26 2017

Jerry visits a wildlife-friendly garden; guest presenter Carolyn explores a small garden that is big on ideas; Costa plants an edible hedge and Millie and Squid go hunting for truffles.

1. Pretty and Productive
Costa helps a family plant an attractive blueberry hedge fringed with strawberries
2. Underground Riches
Millie and Squid go hunting for the delicious and valuable underground fungus, the black truffle
3. A Great Little Spot
Josh profiles two hard-wearing water-wise plants
4. All Creatures Great and Small
Jerry visits a wildlife-friendly garden in the Brisbane suburbs designed with the resident wild and domestic animals in mind
5. Small Spaces, Big Ideas
Guest presenter Carolyn explores a small urban garden that’s full of great ideas for how to make small spaces seem larger
6. FAQs - Grafted Trees | Orange Peel in Compost | Lime and Manure
Answers to frequently asked gardening questions

Gardening Australia ep.26 2017
Gardening Australia ep.26 2017

Gardening Australia ep.25 2017

Josh meets a scientist unlocking the relationship between fire and native plants; Costa replenishes his verge garden; Jerry shares his technique for a perfect seed bed and we meet a passionate young orchid conservationist.

1. Smoke Your Own
Josh learns how to smoke native plant seeds to aid germination
2. Back to the Verge
Costa gets stuck back into his verge garden after building work temporarily halted progress
3. Plant Profile - Algerian Iris
We profile the beautiful Algerian Iris
4. Smoke King
Josh meets a scientist unlocking the relationship between fire and native plants in a wonderfully diverse area of Western Australia
5. Perfect Seed Bed
Jerry shares his grandmother's technique for preparing the perfect seed bed guaranteed to lead to success
6. FAQs - Fertilising in Winter | Cherry Tree | Leaf Curl
Answers to commonly asked gardening questions

Gardening Australia ep.25 2017
Gardening Australia ep.25 2017

Gardening Australia ep.24 2017

Costa visits a scientist with an experimental garden; Tino helps out at an olive grove; guest presenter Carolyn explores the materials available for creating a garden & Millie salvages some second-hand plants.

1. Plant Profile - Bell-fruited Mallee
This beautiful native can fit in even the smallest of gardens!
2. Pruning Olives
Tino shows how to prune an olive tree to maximise yield
3. Sticks and Stones
Guest presenter Carolyn Blackman explores the materials available for creating gardens
4. Olives Galore
Tino helps out an olive growing couple with their harvest in beautiful northern Tasmania
5. The Backyard Laboratory
Costa is in Canberra to visit a scientist whose research into water and productive gardening is changing the world
6. The Sacrificial Plant
Jerry Coleby-Williams shows us a novel method of pest control
7. Stripping the Garden
Millie shows us how to move plants successfully whilst helping a friend renovate their garden.

Gardening Australia ep.24 2017
Gardening Australia ep.24 2017

Gardeners' World ep.22 2017

  As well as propagating succulent plants, Monty Don revisits his container vegetable garden, gives advice on how to get a good crop of pumpkins and gets out and about when he meets Jake Hobson, one of the UK's leading cloud pruning and topiary experts.

 Adam Frost looks at a newly planted garden at RHS Hyde Hall in Essex, which has been designed to display both hardy and exotic vegetables, Rachel de Thame visits a garden in Wiltshire, where vibrant colours are the key to the success of its summer borders, and we meet two enthusiasts in Manchester who have a passion for air plants.

And Flo Headlam returns to Potterne to check on the progress of the new community space and to join the local residents as they get to grips with building and planting the garden.

The Beechgrove Garden ep.19 2017

  The whole team travel deep into Lewis Grassic Gibbon's Sunset Song country, to the Howe of the Mearns village of Arbuthnott. For anyone who drives the A90, the red clay soils of one of the most fertile and productive areas in the country will be familiar and are the dominant feature of the area.

  Jim, Carole, George and Chris explore the area horticulturally and also solve some gardening problems for the gardeners of Arbuthnott gathered in the Lewis Grassic Gibbon's Centre for a Q&A.
Jim and George visit one of the oldest gardens in Scotland at Arbuthnott House, while Carole visits the contemporary gardeners of Milltown Community.

The Beechgrove Garden ep.19 2017
The Beechgrove Garden ep.19 2017

Love Your Garden Ep.9- Series 7 2017

Alan Titchmarsh and his team head to Nottingham to surprise the inspirational boxing coach Marcellus Baz, with two special garden transformations.

First, the team visit Marcellus' gym, where they work to turn a dark alley into a productive kitchen garden, before heading to Marcellus' own home to transform his garden into a Moroccan-inspired outdoor space.

Gardeners' World ep.21 2017

   As Monty starts to bring in the tastiest of the summer harvest, he is planning for the months ahead as he gives advice on what to sow now to keep the crops coming up to the end of autumn. He also plans for next spring when he gives tips on saving money by propagating perennials.

  Carol Klein visits a lady who is losing her eyesight and helps her organise her confused borders and give her recommendations of plants which will be a feast for her senses. Joe Swift takes a close look of the design of a contemporary country garden and Nick Bailey travels to an Essex village to meet a bunch of enthusiastic villagers who are using their gardens to help in the revival and preservation of the historic Pemberton roses.

Gardeners' World ep.21 2017
Gardeners' World ep.21 2017

Arit Anderson meets a gardener who is looking to the future in the design and planting of his extraordinary garden and we pay a second visit to Wales to catch up with Shaish Alam to find out how his crops have been faring in his newly planted field.