Gardeners' World ep.1 2017

  Over the year, Gardeners' World is celebrating 50 years of broadcasting timely advice and inspiration to the nation's gardeners.
Monty kicks off the gardening year from Longmeadow as he shares his tips for pruning, planting up pots for spring colour and sharing his plans for the coming year.

 At Packwood House, the extraordinary herbaceous borders come under Adam Frost's scrutiny as he finds out how they have been planted for maximum colour and impact.
Over the series, Carol Klein shares with us some of her heroes of gardening, the people who have impacted the way we garden for the last 50 years. She begins with Beth Chatto.

1. Bedding plants and displays
From elaborate public garden designs and street planters to the smallest front garden, bedding plants provide a temporary decorative seasonal display for beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets. Bedding can be grown from seed, bought as young seedlings (plug plants) or purchased as pot-grown specimens, often in multi-packs and cellular trays, ready for planting.
2. A Quick Guide to Clematis Pruning
There is a very simple rule of thumb that can be applied to pruning clematis if you have lost a plant label and/or don't know what the plant is called.
Don't prune clematis which flower on the previous year's growth (ie before June in central England)
Hard prune clematis which flower on the current year's growth (ie from June onward)
As always, there are exceptions to the rule but they are few. If you garden further north in the British Isles or elsewhere in the Northern Hemisphere you need to adjust pruning times accordingly. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere your adjustment needs to take account of the reversed seasons.
3. Grapes: indoor cultivation
Although some varieties of dessert grapes can be grown successfully outdoors, they are more successful under glass, even in warmer locations. With a little attention to watering, feeding, pruning and training, it is possible to get a good crop year after year.

Gardeners' World ep.1 2017
Gardeners' World ep.1 2017