Costa's Garden Odyssey ep.14 ( Series 1 ep.1)

The odyssey begins with Costa visiting a community garden in Brisbane's CBD to learn about their groundbreaking sustainable practices. Costa also examines a major water issue at a house built on a swamp and travels out to the unique Chinchilla Watermelon Festival.

Costa is a man of the people. A man who can connect with all. His infectious character and passion for his subject puts people at ease and makes them shine. A Landscape Architect with an all-consuming passion for plants and people - Costa knows how to find the best in both of them, and takes great pleasure in bringing them together. Costa’s Garden Odyssey is a groundbreaking magazine style series that allows this unique Greek Garden Guru an opportunity to do what he does best - spread his green wisdom while communicating with people and celebrating cultures and community in a way never seen before on Australian television.

Costa's Garden Odyssey ep.14  ( Series 1 ep.1)
Costa's Garden Odyssey ep.14  ( Series 1 ep.1)