Monty Don's Italian Gardens - Rome ep.1

  Monty Don conducts his personal 'grand garden tour' around Italy, including the retreats of the affluent north and horticultural gems of the south.
  Monty Don takes a grand tour around Italy's magnificent gardens, from the luxurious retreats of the moneyed north to the lavish hideaways of the romantic south. Monty begins his journey in Rome, power base ofemperors and popes, to explore gardens that are among some of the most extravagant and flamboyant ever created.
  World-famous gardener Monty Don presents this enchanting four-part series that celebrates Italy’s most beautiful gardens. During this luscious series, Monty conducts his very personal ‘grand tour’ exploring sublime, horticultural hideaways of the romantic South to unravelling the riddles behind the austere formality and theatre of the ostentatious papal gardens of Rome.
  In Florence Monty finds out how in the Renaissance, garden making became a high art and how a group of salacious Edwardian expats reinforced the idea that Italian gardens were flowerless.
In Veneto and the Lakes, Monty revels in the luxurious gardens built on the fortunes of trade and he discovers how new plant introductions in the 16th century changed the way Italian gardens were created.
  Along the way Monty meets local Italians who are keeping alive the passion for the land and he peers over the fence of secret gardens belonging to the rich and famous.
In this beautiful, personal journey Monty learns about the history, the culture, the politics and the climate that have shaped Italy’s spectacular gardens; ranking them amongst the great treasures of the world.

Monty Don's Italian Gardens - Rome ep.1
Monty Don's Italian Gardens - Rome ep.1